Sunday, 24 October 2010

Cough, splutter and scream - hallowe'en preparations.

Last week I was working late a lot and didn't get to pick the boys up from Nursery. DH and my Mum had that honour and Hubby told casually told me on Friday that Ciaran needed wear a hallowe'en costume on Thursday (this is a massive improvement on the time I got out of hospital on Tuesday to discover that Ben needed to be dressed as his favourite character from a book on Thursday). I decided that my ability to make a costume was somewhat lacking (last time, after much soul searching I cut a piece of felt, attached a gold ribbon (a riding cloak of course) and made Ben a crown - he was told he was Prince Charming, but even he didn't believe it) and that Mr Tesco would be welcome to dress my tots.

As a child I didn't do hallowe'en. Our school made it clear that it was not acceptable practice to knock on peoples doors demanding sweets. In the intervening years the disneyfication of England has advanced and now it is normal for children to be dressed up in expensive clothes and go trick or treating, and this year I've agreed to take the boys trick or treating. My only nod to my old Headmistress' instructions is that my boys and I will trick or treat only at houses we've already warned (neighbour, cousin, parents!)

As hubby is swotting hard for a PRINCE2 course, my Mum and I took the kids for a pleasurable trip to Tesco in Kingston. Well, it would be pleasurable if I haven't got a lovely cough and cold from the darlings and kept panting and wheezing like an old miner and if I didn't have a child going through 'that' stage of development.

Having finished the terrible twos and come to the end of the toddler book I stupidly thought I was home and dry. Sadly no. My 3 year old is proving his independance by refusing to do what ever we suggest. Food is rejected, and he hated every costume we showed him in Tesco. Eventually at the end of my tether (not a very long one I'm afraid) and slightly dizzy from all the panting I decided he would be a bat and like it and paid for a bat costume, a baby spider costume and a witch / lady vampire costume for me to accompany the children in.

Shaken by the nightmare of getting a very angry child around Tesco's we quickly romped into Clarkes - measure the feet, show us the shoes, Ben has the ultimate choice in shoes and his word is final - and then to Marks before going home where I spent to the rest of the afternoon being shouted at.

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