Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow Joke

Whether it's climate change (can't say global warming as the mediterranean climate my school teachers predicted hasn't arrived in Bedfordshire!) or a natural cycle of bad winters we're getting hard winters at the momment and we just don't seem to cope with them.

I admit to being woefully unprepared as an individual. I don't own wellies (I have some gorgeous high heeled boots which I tend to wear in lieu of wellies!) and my kids are often without gloves and hats. But, I would expect the local authorites to be able to keep things moving, cities like Toronto, New York, Moscow do not come to a complete stand still when it snows. The other thing we need to do is be more community minded. My neighbours know I am home alone with Ciaran and have offered to pick up bits from Tesco for me when they walk there and I would happily return the favour if I could get our lightweight summer stroller through the snow!

Maybe the problem is our infrastructure was not designed for harsh winters, buses don't have snow tyres, trains aren't specially equipped to handle snow and ice and our road surfaces can't take sudden freeze and thaw cycles without developing huge potholes. If this is part of climate change and is likely to continue then I guess the government needs to think about whether the capital cost of winter proofing the country will be recouped by less disruption.

My husband and son are due to fly back from Belfast today to Luton. Currently both airports are open and operational (with delays). I can't get to the airport but I've arranged for a local taxi firm to collect Ben's car seat before collecting them and hopefully they will be home and tucked up in bed before 7. My parents are in Costa Rica and are hoping to fly back om Wednesday. Before they left my Mum was worried that hte snow earlier in the month would affect her flight out, and jokingly said she didn't care if it snowed once she was on holiday - never expecting that she could end up stranded this close to Christmas.

So please.... would the airports and government do all they can to get the people I love back to me safely.

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