Friday, 19 November 2010

Gross slimy things

Fat and snot and phlegm.

Woman in bathrobe squeezing fresh juice for a sick man

This is not a post for the delicate stomached of you. For nearly two weeks we have all had a bad cold. It seems to get a little better and then comes back for another go. Today Hubby has actually called in sick to work and over the last few days Ciaran and I have coughed so hard we vomitted. Thick yellow / green snot flows from all of our noses and the house is half buried by used tissues.

Ciaran wants lots of cuddles and at eighteen months is a trainee man, fully signed up to the man-flu rules. With three men in the house its no suprise that I am breathless, forget the cough and phlegm - I'm constantly running to fetch more squash / hot squash / tissues / Calpol or to pick up the toy that was dropped off the sofa. All with a fetching streak of snot down one side.

Strangely enough although the week has been busy at work, not many people have dropped into my office. The fact that the smell of Olbas oil starts stripping paint a few offices down from mine might be putting people off visiting me (and the day I forgot to put my make up on after working til 8:30pm the previous night, and looked like a hallowe'en dress up may also have scared people away!)

Pretty gross.

To add to the misery I decided that I needed help to lose weight, at home I was not only failing to lose the few extra pounds I had gained but I was also adding a few pounds to keep them company. As weightwatchers has re-branded and seems complicated I decided to break a ten year association with weightwatchers and try Slimming World. My weight was higher than I thought (I decided not to replace the batteries in the scales upstairs!), my only consolation is that when I was weighed in I was quietly confident that two pound of the weight must be snot and phlegm.

The diet is fairly simple and I would be more confident if I hadn't honoured a long standing booking last night and gone to the College's Gourmet Chippy night. Poshly presented food with silver service in the College's Skyline Restaurant - it was amazing. The starter was my favourite - kebab (really tender and not at all greasy), chillic sauce, pickled egg, gherkin, saveloy and salad. It was sooo gorgeous. It was followed by chicken and mushroom pie with mash, three different kinds of fish and chips and a deep fried mars bar served with bounty ice cream (which despite looking like deep fried dog poo tasted amazing to my barely functioning taste buds).

Now if I manage to lose weight this week after that blow out I will be amazed! Anyone not trying to shift a stubborn stone or so should definately try the Skyline restaurant.

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